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Secrets to score 600 out of 720 in your NEET 2021

Every year thousands of students opt for medical entrance examination hoping that they will get admission in one of the most reputed and topmost medical college. But the more number of students attempting for the exam will lead to increase in the competition. It will increase the competitive nature.

Clearing NEET 2021 requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Aspiring students need to be consistent and focused to achieve their aim. Reports states that more than 8 lakhs Indian residents cleared NEET 2019. We will share some of the tips that will help you score more than 600 in NEET 2021:

  • Be familiar with the Syllabus:

    The NEET syllabus is vast. Make sure you mainly focus on important topics. The NEET Exam covers the NCERT Syllabus, so it would be very beneficial if there are common chapters as you will not need to prepare for them separately. This will give you enough time to concentrate on topics that are not covered.

  • High-Quality Study Material:

    Selecting the right study material for NEET exam preparation is a bit difficult. But, with the help of teachers and expert assistance you can choose the right one. You can contact and coordinate with students who already appeared in the NEET exam and take help from them.

  • Prepare Notes While Learning:

    This is one of the best ways to improvise your skills. To know how to crack NEET, scribe minor point-by-point notes on a diary so that you can revise it later. It will also be helpful for the revision period.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet:

    The candidate should be healthy while facing the examination. Physical and mental fitness is very important for NEET aspirants.

  • Regular study breaks is a Must:

    We are humans and not machines, thus we require timely breaks to get back to work efficiently. Hence, it is important to realize that one cannot maintain an optimum level of concentration without taking an optimum rest to recover. Experts say that the human mind stays concentrated for limited period of time. The long-time preparation will reduce the level of concentration. The students take a regular break so that they can refresh their minds. Breaks can be in the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with friends, or simply taking a small nap.

  • Preparing a time table:

    The first thing that you need to do is, prepare a time table. Prepare a schedule until NEET 2021 exam day. Everything that is included in the time table is your preparation strategy for the next one month. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Once you are done, paste the time table on the wall from where it is clearly visible. If possible, set alarms in your phone so that you do not miss out on anything. Preparing time table doesn’t mean that you prepare and paste it on the wall and then forget about it. You need to sincerely follow your schedule.

  • Revision:

    The first thing to be incorporated into your schedule is ample time for revision. By now you must have figured out the amount of time you required to revise a subject or topic. On the basis of this, calculate the number of hours that you will need to revise all the subjects. You should spend nearly six to seven hours on revision. Now, this time is inclusive of all the breaks that you take. Therefore, you must make the most of this time and minimize the time spent on breaks.

  • Mock tests:

    The next part of your one month strategy should include mock tests. It is very important to give mock test for preparing NEET. They will get you into the habit of solving questions, helping you get prepared for the exam day. Dedicate at least 3 to 4 hours every day for mock tests. You don’t have to take complete mock test in one day, it can be exhausting. You can take 3 mock tests in one week and on the remaining 3 days you can take up subject wise tests. Do not ever skip on taking the mock test.

  • Learning from past mistakes:

    Taking up mock test is not enough. Once you are done with your mock test, you need to get them analyzed by experts or your teachers to identify the weak areas that you need to work upon. Dedicate another couple of hours to analyze your mistake and work upon them, so that you do not lose marks in your exams. Focus more on the questions which you could not attempt during your mock test. Doing this will make sure that you do not commit any mistakes in your NEET exam.

  • Take ample of rest. Take a sleep for at least six to eight hours. It is very important to keep yourself healthy:

  • Realizing mistakes and even more importantly rectifying mistakes just in time:

    I realized when I was doing revisions in the wrong way, when I was solving ‘less’ than required questions, when I was running away from a subject and put myself back on track.

  • Avoid marking answers in a hurry:

    You can save a lot of marks by avoiding silly mistakes. You should keep at least 10 minutes for checking the answers. This will help to correct your mistakes.

  • Get yourself a moderate-to-high difficulty test series. This will help you tone your preparation:

  • Practice time management. That is absolutely necessary for NEET:

  • Don’t ignore:

    Never ignore the subject that you don’t like. Eventually, start your day studying that subject; end your day with it. You will start loving it.

  • Join yoga or meditation classes:

    It helps to keep you calm and be patient. You can practically go to the classes or even join online classes, this will help you keep calm and concentrate more on your studies. It will increase your focus towards your goals.

These are some of the tips that will help you score extremely well in NEET 2021. has come up with NEET courses for the students. We provide live lectures, so that it is easy for the aspirant to learn in more effective way.

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