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Extracurricular activities- Boon or a Curse

Extracurricular activities are the one which do not fall under academic curriculum but helps in developing the skills and abilities of the students. It does not relate to the professional life based on degrees. These activities are more beneficial in development of every student. These activities play an important role in shaping and directing the passion and interest of the students. These activities teach practical factors of life and are self sponsored so think twice before choosing anything.

There are various options available and if you’re interested in any extracurricular activity then you should not step back.

However everything comes with a boon or a curse, the options are completely subjective but you should consider all the factors before choosing any curricular activity. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of extracurricular activities are:

Advantages of Extracurricular Activities

Disadvantages of Extracurricular Activities

Time management is the key to success

Time management and commitments

Self-exploration with the diversity of talents

Conscious or unconscious denial of priorities

Enhances the ability to fulfill commitments

Interests, likes and capability matter

Personal growth and development

Too many schedules in short time

Improves the confidence and esteem of the students

Extra expenses in the schedule

Social comfort and relationships

Tiredness and frustration

It is a secret to a perfect college application


Best way to keep them under supervision


It is difficult to choose whether you should choose extracurricular activities in high school or in college?

Have you reached to any decision?

Well look at the advantages of extracurricular activities in high school. It is always said that talent never gets wasted. But it will help you enhance your choice.

Let’s look at the advantages of extracurricular activities:

  • Time management is the key to success:

    Time management has always been a problem in lives of many people. However, some people manage their time like a pro. While some of them seriously face problems in managing their time. Infect many people enroll for extracurricular activity to learn time management. Extracurricular activities not only enhance your inborn talent but also help you to manage your time properly. It also helps to prioritize things in your life.

  • Self exploration with diversities of talents:

    Swimming, dancing, singing, ice skating etc. are some of the extracurricular activities that are offered in high school. High schools provide great platforms to enhance and explore the talents of the students. If you are observant person, you must have observed that these talents have great diversities. Self discoveries help students to face challenges in their lives.

  • Enhances the ability to fulfill the commitments:

    At first place it is very important to fulfill any commitments made. Today’s corporate sectors look for the employees who are committed to their work and who have promising nature. It is very important for this generation to develop the ability to fulfill the commitments. You must be wondering how extracurricular activities help to be committed. The students dedicate their time and manage to complete both the school work as well as the activity work. This will in turn help students to stay dedicated towards academic as well as extracurricular activities. This helps them on the longer run.

  • Personal growth and development:

    - have you ever noticed students to take care of their parents and friends? How do you think they started thinking about someone else? In extracurricular activities, they get a chance to be involved in the group with their peers. Moreover, they learn sharing and caring, all at once.

  • Improves elf confidence and self esteem:

    in teenage students face a lack of confidence. This is the time when they feel that they are good at nothing. Not all students score well in academics but that doesn’t mean they are good at nothing. It is important to make them feel that they are capable of doing something. Academic grades are not the end of their lives, they need to know their talents and have to work on them. But this is only possible when they engage in some extracurricular activities that interests them.

  • Social comfort and relationships:

    Since you know ragging and bullying is one of the major problems students’ faces in their high schools. Despite of actions taken by the authorities this problem continues. How will you prepare your kid to fight against it? Well, extracurricular activities have the solution for this. Engaging into extracurricular activities will help student to socialize and talk to people that shares common interests. Moreover, a group can itself support each other in bullying.

  • It is a secret to perfect college applications:

    some of the colleges prefer students who can do more than the usual work. It is always said that actions speaks louder than the words but here extracurricular activities helps your profile to stand out. It helps to shape the personality of a student and also reveals many things about them.

  • Best way to keep them under supervision:

    since some of the students have working parents, they have to spend most of their time alone which is not healthy for their development. Extracurricular activities keep the students engage while their parents are busy with the office works. This also teaches them team spirits and improves leadership qualities. Along with advantages everything have some or the other disadvantages. But that doesn’t mean you will not get engaged in extracurricular activities. However, it enhances the skills of the students but it also comes up with certain drawbacks. Parents have to consider the drawbacks for a healthy schooling. Extracurricular activities are vital and essential part for the development of the children. Moreover, even studies have proved the role of extracurricular activities in education creates more positive change in the student’s life. It reduces the number of dropouts from the school. Moreover, the drawbacks also have loops in them, which enable you to create a solution against it. It is an overall solution to the various problems faced by the children. Also, it is a perfect ‘trial and error ‘learning ground for the learners.


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