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How to deal with stress during exams?

A little stress is always a good thing: it can be a motivational push that we need to do things. Sometimes dealing with exam stress can be a difficult thing. Almost 20-25% of all Universities are seeking help for study related mental health issues, it’s clear that we are under too much of pressure. Sometimes the pressure you are in can help you be focused and other times it can cause a serious problem.

  • Feeling focused
  • Losing touch with friends
  • Feeling moody and low
  • Having trouble making decisions
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Lack of motivation
  • Trouble in sleeping or getting out of bed
  • Tense muscle or headache
  • Having upset stomach
  • Feeling sick
  • Nail biting, etc.


Why do people experience stress during exam?

  • Worry that they might fail in exams
  • Want to score really well
  • Don’t feel prepared
  • Don’t have time to study
  • Need to get a certain result
  • Find it hard to understand what they are studying
  • Don’t think they will do well
  • Feel pressure from the family to get good scores


It is very important to understand that passing exam is only a part of the story, and there’s always a second chance or another way to that will help you reach your goals.

If you’re feeling stressed about exam; you’re not alone, you can always talk to someone and find solutions to cope up during exams.

  • It's true when people say, exams aren't everything. You can be successful even if you don't do well in exams. That doesn't mean you don't prepare for exams, or you take your exams lightly. Don't be upset or don't get demotivated if you don't do as well as you'd hoped.

  • Employers don't just see you exams scores, there are a lot of other things that are taken into consideration i.e. attitude, your transferable skills and how you get on with other people. Always remember, bookish knowledge is important but other things are also important.

  • Exam results don’t define you as a person. Everyone copes differently in different situations and you need to understand that there's much more in your personality other than your exam results. You must be wondering, how to deal with the stress. So here are some ways you can deal with the stress:

  • Take frequent breaks: psychology says humans can only concentrate properly for 30-45 mins. When you're on a break don't be sited on your desk, rather go out for a walk or just have a cup of tea/coffee. • Eat well: it is very important to take healthy diet. Maintain good blood sugar level so you don't feel low. Eat healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, rice or breads etc.

  • Drink a lot of water: hydration is always underestimated, but this plays a very important role to fight against stress.

  • Think about where and when you work best. Not everyone is a morning person l, some are like me who like to study at night when we have complete silence. Some people don't find the library a productive place to work, there's no one best place to work- it's all about where you feel comfortable.

  • stay active: Even a small walk will do, engage you in doing regular exercise. Exercising is one of the quickest and most effective ways to release stress.

  • sleep well: try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. It is very important to sleep properly because it will help to make you feel relaxed.

  • Engage yourself in some activities: be it a creative activity or sport you like.

How to work on stress on the exam day?

  • Work on the question that you find easy to attempt.

  • Aim to have at least some time left so that you can re read the answer

  • Use time management and devote each section the time it needs

  • Go through the exam paper properly and underline the keywords and instructions

  • Make sure you take everything that you need for the exam day.

  • prepare for your exams properly

  • Eat a good food, light breakfast- this will help you gain energy and concentrate on your exams


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