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Online education v/s offline education

If you were asked- which is best online v/s offline education?

I am pretty sure you haven’t at least once in your life considered taking an online course, attend a free online lecture before covid-19 hit. But covid-19 changed it all. You were forced to study online. Some students found it more easy and convenient to study online but on the other hand many of them faced problems. Every student is different, and every teaching method does not suit to everyone. So be aware that there is job two similar cases and you need to consider what would work for you and only you.

Difference between online and offline education

Advantages of online education:

  • It is flexible way to study, you can access it from anywhere with a device and internet connection.

  • It is budget friendly.

  • It is convenient to attend

  • Class recordings are also available for later reference.

Disadvantages of online education:

  • One of the major drawbacks of online education is managing screen time. Online education requires staying logged in on the screen for long period of time but this can be harmful for the kids health, it can damage their eyes.

  • Technical glitches- another big disadvantage is technical glitches. Poor internet connection is the issue that arises multiple times during online sessions. Small towns and cities does not have facilities about internet services. It will create a problem for those who do not have internet facility and they even miss out on their studies.

  • Online studies do not help in development of student. Students don't get chance to meet their peers and they don't socialize with anyone which in turn will affect the development of the child.

  • other disadvantages are- feeling of isolation by individuals, minimal peer help, group work is not as efficient as it would be if done offline.

Benefits of online educationDisadvantages of Online Education
Location doesn’t matterIsolating
Flexible hoursNo competition
Time savingNo interpersonal skills development
CheaperLimited topics
ConvenientMust have self discipline
Class recorded 

Advantages of offline education:

  • Students are fully attentive in their class, less number of distractions. Online classes have more distraction where students get busy in surfing online than being attentive in class.

  • Teachers can provide more attention to students, address their issues and solve their problems quickly

  • Should I only speak about school/college fees, you should also consider the amount you are investing in accommodation if training center is not nearby, textbooks and extracurricular activities and so on. Studying online is comparatively cheaper.

Disadvantages of offline education:

  • Students may lack the opportunity to learn advancing technologies.

  • Time management is the major issues faced by the students who leave away from the campus.

  • There's no recording or any other form of data that is available for the students for later reference and even for the students who missed the class.

  • One of the major drawbacks is lack of social interaction. And what I mean by that is online classes, you don't get to socialize with friends, those small chats in the corridors, the precious breaks during lecture. Online learning can be quite isolating.

Benefits of Offline EducationDisadvantages of Offline Education
Individualized monitoring Fixed location
Structured & disciplined settingFixed schedule
Face to face interactionsStudy materials
Interpersonal skills developmentDependency on the teachers
Competitive atmosphereTransport & Accommodation

The advantages and disadvantages differ from person to person. The above mentioned points are the general ones and commonly heard.

Location and time

location and time is the main difference when it comes to online and offline education. Offline takes place in fixed location, with a fixed schedule and requires you to travel and be on time, online learning is opposite.

Let’s imagine if you have kids and still wish to have a degree, but you have to stay home and look after your kids, then online learning will make it possible for you.

Let’s say you need a job but you’re not getting the right one because you haven’t finished your curriculum, well online learning will make it possible for you.

Let’s say you want to have foreign learning but you don’t have time nor the money to study in that country, again learning online will make it possible for you.

Studying in school itself is challenging. There is always a temptation of chatting with your classmates, watch out of window and day dream. On the other hand studying online is is challenging too, there are no classrooms but there are lots of other distraction such as social media, Tv, playing games on phones, family can also be disturbance sometimes.

In offline setting, class maintains disciplines As teacher is continuously checking on them. Students indeed focus on class rather than doing something else.

Is Learning online is ass effective as learning online?

There is no definite answer to this question because the efficiency of the class be it online or offline all depends on the level of motivation and drive to success.

Online learning requires a lot of self-discipline. Kid needs to get up open their laptops and be there on time without any reminder.

If you decide to join online class you will have to get that into your head that teacher won’t come behind you and you will miss a lot of things if you miss a lecture. That’s where self-discipline plays a major role.

Just like offline setting, online learning requires you to do homework, research work and group assignments so nothing changes here.

What will be different is online course, way of teaching, and use of technology in studying, interactive white board, videos, Online studying material and much more.

It totally depends on individual kid how they peruse these things. It is preferred to think before taking any decision.  Parents have to choose wisely and consider all pros and cons before taking any decision for their child. This one decision can either enhance or ruin the future of that child.


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