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What causes blank out during exams? How to deal with this problem?

Weeks of preparation, countless hours of studies and sleepless nights all just for one exam. You must have studied and prepared in every way possible. And you know you’re ready, until you see your final exam. Your very first attempt to read the paper and then you’re blank out!

Sometimes it happens that things you have studied runs right out the back of your mind and you panic. Maybe you recall things in sometimes but till then you’ve already lost precious time to answer all questions.

Blanking out during exam is very common problems that lots of students face.

What causes bank out?

There may be different reasons for blanking out during exams but primary reasons are: lack of adequate sleep and lack of confidence.

Your exams covers multiple chapters with dozens of concepts in each chapter, you have to read your notes, work through them and solve problems (sums).Have you done all that for all the chapters?

Probably not

Since you are not familiar with the material, you feel you should be your brain has to search in depth of your memory to find out the answer to a specific question. In any case if your brain is not successful in doing that, you panic.

How you handle situation when you are panic is different for every student and this may become source of blanking out during exams.

No matter how many times you memorize it, say it, repeat it, you only learn it but when you are tested on it. When someone springs the question, you’re forced to recall the answer when you’re not ready.

What to do when you get blank?

The most important things is to stay calm. Don’t panic, think of the answer. Recall things you’ve learned. It may take time but you will be able to recall. Panicking will just help you waste your time, so don’t panic.

You have experienced the feeling where your mind freezes during exam… so what to do so that this situation does not arises again?

  • When you are studying, do not always study in relaxed environment. Sometimes place yourself in the situation where it might mimic the exam setting

  • Preparation should be your friend. Practice the previous year’s question papers. Do not memorize the answer, instead just keep keywords in your mind and understand the concept

  • Try revising concepts aloud. It has be shown that this method helps in recalling at more faster pace than simply learning and memorizing

  • There are potential causes of blank out such as, anxiety, stress or tiredness. Try to understand what causes you blank outs and work on it

  • To overcome mind blanks- pause, stay calm and start recalling what you have studied

  • Looking in upward direction has shown up better results in recalling than looking down

  • There is so such a right solution for this problem. Sometimes we suffer from blank outs when we are trying to recall a certain phrase, so always learn the alternative ways of the same concept

Always remember mind blanks do not last. Keep calm start recalling, be patient. See then you’re writing again.


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