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How to score 150+ in physics and chemistry in NEET- scoring tips

To score good grades and to get a good rank is a dream of every student. But just before your exams, you’re in confusion- whether you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams or not? Well, if you’re not sure about it, it’s only your fault. The reason may be that you’re lacking somewhere or maybe you’re not following the tips well which will help you score good marks in your exams. You must be having a question- is NCERT Book enough for the preparation for the NEET exam or is there any other that you need to prefer? All your doubts will be clearly answered in this article so that you donot have any other doubt left for the preparation.

In this article we have tried to mention all the tips and tricks that will be helpful for the preparation of NEET exam. It will definitely help you score 150+ marks in physics as well as in chemistry.

Tips for scoring 150+ marks in physics as well as in chemistry are as follows:

  • Preparing a time table:

    The first thing that you need to do is, prepare a time table. Prepare a schedule for physics and chemistry until NEET 2021 exam day. Everything that is included in the time table is your preparation strategy until you appear for the exam. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Once you are done, paste the time table on the wall from where it is clearly visible to you. If possible, set alarms in your phone so that you do not miss out on anything. Preparing time table doesn’t mean that you prepare and paste it on the wall and then forget about it. You need to sincerely follow your schedule if you need to score more than 150 marks in physics and chemistry.

  • Get your concepts clear

    When you're studying something, then the concept should be clear in your head so that it is easier for you to learn. Physics is a subject that deals with all practical applications and concepts, as well as some numerical. So, if you have any unclear concepts then make it a point to clear them at the first place. On the other hand chemistry deals with reactions, atomic structure etc. Hence the concept regarding this should also be evident.

  • Get the best study material

    If you're a NEET aspirants, at the first place you have to choose best study material that you can use to prepare for these subjects. NCERT books are always good options for your NEET exams. But relying completely on NCERT text book is not the only option. You can visit our website ( to get the best study material for preparing for the exam.

  • Mock tests:

    The next part of your strategy should include mock tests. It is very important to give mock test for preparing NEET especially for the technical subject like Physics. They will get you into the habit of solving questions and numericals, helping you get prepared for the exam day. Dedicate at least 3 to 4 hours every day for mock tests. You don’t have to take complete mock test in one day, it can be exhausting. You can take 3 mock tests in one week and on the remaining 3 days you can take up subject wise tests. Do not ever skip on taking the mock test.

  • Get a tutor for yourself

    You can yourself prepare for the NEET exam but incase you are unable to do so then get yourself a private tutor who has enough experience in this field. An experienced person will always show you the right path and will guide you appropriately. He/she will help you clear your concepts.

  • Don't leave any topic incomplete

    The most common mistake that every student makes is that they jump from one topic to another. Well, this is a big blunder. Study serial wise so that you do not miss out on any topic. Skipping one single topic can restrict you score good marks in exam. So, never skip any topic or any chapter assuming that it's not important.

  • Practice regularly

    Physics deals with numerical and on the other hand chemistry deals with diagram and bonding structures. They sound easy, but actually they are quite hard. So, if you want to score good grades in your exam then you need to practice frequently so that your concepts gets more clear with every single attempt and your speed increases.

  • Learning from past mistakes:

    Taking up mock test is not enough. Once you are done with your mock test, you need to get them analyzed by experts or your professor to identify the weak areas that you need to work upon. Dedicate another couple of hours to analyze your mistake and work upon them, so that you do not lose marks in your exams. Focus more on the questions which you could not attempt during your mock test. Doing this will make sure that you do not commit any mistakes in your NEET exam.

  • Follow up previous years question papers

    Along with mock test and regular practice you also need to practice some previous years question papers. You can easily download them from Google. Repeatedly solving the previous year’s question paper will help you score more than 150 marks in physics and chemistry. It not only allows you to you to know the paper pattern, the type of questions that comes in the exams, time management and some important details. While you practice for the previous years question paper, you will learn time management. It will definitely help you score 150+ marks in physics as well as chemistry in NEET exams.

These are some of the tips that will help you score extremely well in NEET 2021. has come up with NEET courses for the students. We provide live lectures, so that it is easy for the aspirant to learn in more effective way.

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