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How to crack IIT JEE exam in 10 days?

How to prepare IIT JEE advanced in last 10 days?

If you’re in the search for the answer of the question- how to prepare for IIT JEE advanced exam in last 10 days? You have landed up to a right place. IIT JEE exam is considered to be the toughest competitive exam to get admission in good engineering college, it also requires lots of hardwork and smart work. Smartness is really very important, because there are students who work really hard but do not score satisfactory marks in their mock tests that they appear few days before exam during practice session.

If you are a student preparing for JEE advanced, you will have to deal with several things, including the last few days stress. The magic lies in keeping calm and stress free and knowing how to prepare for the IIT JEE in last 10 days.

How to crack JEE advanced in 10 days?

The following points will help you prepare for IIT JEE advanced in the last 10 days before exams:

  • There's a general tendency to skip mock test before exams so that you get more and more time for studying. But In reality you should take up mock test before exams and know what mistakes you are making so that you can correct them before you appear for the JEE advanced exam.

  • Just give a thorough revision to the topics that you have studied earlier. It is not a good idea to start a new topic at the last moment.

  • Try to solve the previous year’s question papers and some difficult/important questions from every chapter.

  • Formula, equation, reactions etc. Must be revised repeatedly. Solve sums that you find difficult.

  • You must take proper rest and take minimum 6-8 hours of sleep at night. It is very important point of how to prepare for IIT JEE advanced exam in last 10 days. Even your body needs some rest.

  • Priority should be given to the chapters containing more weightage and even to the topics you're weak in

  • Try to be confident and don't be nervous about the exam. This is just another exam.

  • You can take help from mentors/professor. You can also take help from various online portals like

  • Try to be stress free. Mental stability I'd the most important thing one should have during exams.

How to prepare for IIT JEE advanced in 10 days?

Proper revision is one of the crucial thing to get good scores. It is adviced to focus more on the chapters with more weightage (important chapters). Priority should be given to the chapters which you feel difficult. You must brush up the important points and topics before the exam. Do smart study, solve mock test. Try to rectify your previous mistakes. Learn from online portals. Never hesitate for asking doubts, it’s a good thing to clear your doubts. This will help you to clear your concepts.

How to improve your scores in 10 days?

One of the most frequently asked questions is- how can one increase their scores in last 10 days before the exam?

It is always advised by the experts that smart work is way better than hard work. As far as IIT JEE exam is concerned one should prefer smart work, because the syllabus for this exam is really vast. It is not possible to revise entire syllabus thoroughly in last 10 days. You just have to focus on some handpicked topics and try to solve some difficult problems. Some online learning portals provide scopes to interact with toppers and avail that. This is help you to know their study plan and time management strategies which will help you to create a plan. They can also guide about the topics you should give the priorities. This will in turn help you increase the scores.

Did you get all your answer to the question similar to- how to crack IIT JEE advanced in last 10 days? How to prepare for this exam? What should be your strategy? What things to keep in mind during exams? Therefore give it a go and prepare for your exam with complete focus.


You have to create a proper strategy to improve your problem solving skills. You will have to focus on your gaps in the problem solving skills. Your knowledge won't be converted into marks until you do not utilize it properly, this will require a proper strategy. You may lose marks due to wrong time management. You may even lose marks for not choosing the right questions dur to lack of the time.

Your main job is to find out how much time you should spend on one question. If you're taking more time then there is possibility that you do not finish your exam on time. You will also have to be careful about your capability of selecting right questions to answer. Avoid silly mistakes. Don't be overconfident. Keep some time at the end to check the answer.

Of course, the answer to this is yes. You can secure good rank in IIT JEE advanced exam with last 10 days of preparation. At this time you need to focus more on practicing previous years question papers, take up mock test and spend time in revision.

You can use the guidance provided by toppers. You can plan your strategy accordingly. You may tally your views with toppers.

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