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Students during their board exam need to write answers correctly and with a fast pace. If a student takes long time he/she will not be able to complete the paper. They will lack in time management. Here are the tips with which you can memorize an answer for long time and easily recall it during the exams.

The best way to learn any difficult answer is to read aloud and write down on a paper. If you have any difficulty in memorizing answers, make sure you jot down the points- Jotting down answers will not only help you in memorizing answers for the exam, but will also boost long term memories.

Second and most important way you can memorize the answer is relating the answers with daily life examples. This way you will not miss out on the fun part as well. Try to be imaginative and correlate study with your ambience, in a tricky way! This method will be very helpful because it is not that tough to recall and anything that is learned with fun is remembered easily and quickly.

You can also use Mnemonics. You can make some of your own, you can also find some from internet or even you can ask your teachers about some. Mnemonics are interesting way to memorize things; it also helps us to recall things at a faster pace. You can even try different types of Mnemonics in the form of music, name or images.

You can even try yoga and take ample of rest. Make sure you take 6-8 hours of sleep. Eat healthy food. Taking proper diet is equally important for you. It makes your brain sharper and stronger. Proper diet, ample of rest, yoga or physical exercise will help you sharpen your memory power and will help you recall answers during exams.

Your long answers could be anywhere in between 800-1200 words. I know it is difficult to memorize whole answer at on single go, so you can break down the answers into points which can help you memorize and also help you recall at the faster pace.

It is better to start with your studies earlier and not during exam. This way you will get good amount of time to prepare for your exams. The more you revise portion, the more you are familiar with the answer and in this way you will be able to recall answers in your exams. Proper practice will led to better results. It is most important to go through the portion thoroughly. Make sure you do not skip important topics. Not everyone has that great memory that they can memorize things just by reading once. Some have really good memory power and some have weak memory power. So make strategies keeping your memory power in mind. It is good if you prepare your study plan and work according to it. Time management is one of the most important skill each student should keep in mind.


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