Apply as a Reseller

Terms and Conditions

  • Reseller get unique coupon code with 25% discount to students.

  • Reseller get flat 25% commission for every sale via their unique code.

  • Any partner reseller shall not defame or post anything detrimental to the image of Studi.Live.

  • A reseller would arrange and make effort to sell the subscriptions - only via Studi.Live portal.

  • Authorized partner reseller shall have no objection of any kind in displaying their names, photo, logo, videos on the Studi.Live portal and its search database.

  • Reseller remuneration shall be settled on monthly basis.

  • Any remuration payable shall be applicable for TDS.

  • Studi.Live management reserve the right to onboard or deboard any partner without prior notice.

  • Studi.Live management's decision would be final.

  • Courts in Mumbai shall have jurisdiction for any dispute resolution.

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