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Is it possible for an average student to crack IIT JEE advanced in the first attempt?

It’s quite common to have such questions when we think about IIT JEE advanced exam,  had this question arose in your mind too? Well clearing IIT (or JEE advanced) isn’t that simple as you think, it can’t be estimated on any size Of intellectual power. This is something that requires lot of dedication, devotion, assurance, hypothetical knowledge, your passion for the subject and also ask you to learn smartly and more be more productive.

It’s isn’t like your school exams, where you memorized a piece of information from your text book, falt questions appeared and then you wrote the answers and got full marks and eventually you became the topper. Here things are unpredictable. It is said that, “All tur individuals in this world have an equivalent attitude”. You just need to find out your capacities and abilities in a legitimate way. The rest will work great if you choose to do proper time management.

Can an average student crack the IIT JEE advanced exam?

Can an average student crack IIT JEE with good scores? Can an average student score IIT JEE advanced exam with decent score?

Can I crack IIT JEE advanced? I know all these questions must have crossed your mind number of times. It’s okay to think like that as every year lakhs of students appear for this exam and only a handful of students can crack this. Thus you can now think that it takes some extra effort and some extra smartness to make a place among qualified ones.

While attempting to respond these questions, you should recollect that IIT JEE is only an exam and not the last thing. Clearing IIT JEE can guarantee you a seat in recognized national engineering college consequently giving you a decent beginning for engineering career. This exam is same as any other exam and not anything alien that so called average student find it difficult to crack.

I know this exam is not an ordinary exam, it’s quite difficult. So, let us consider that you are keen on IIT JEE for quite a few reasons and you start thinking about- can an average student crack IIT JEE advanced with decent grades? There’s no such appropriate answer to this question because it depends from student to student. With the emotional idea of this question, term ‘average’ may simply be a sign of your exhibition before and may not genuinely be a sign of your actual potential.

There have been examples throughout the years of success stories of students with average results and students from various backgrounds doing exceptionally in IIT JEE exam.  Any guidance taken from any individual who has not experienced this involvement in a positive outcome may be misdirecting. It doesn’t mean that if one person failed to crack the exam, then even you will fail. It totally depends on your caliber, your efforts and your smartness. Every student has their own pros and cons and should work accordingly. Regardless of where you remain, this is what will give you a battling chance:

  • Knowing that cracking IIT JEE will not be a cakewalk
  • Join a decent coaching for proper guidance
  • Maintain self control and sticking to your daily routine
  • Eliminate the distraction that restricts you to study

It does not matter where you started, but it definitely matters where you stopped. You can always take help from the online portal to improve your performance in JEE 2021 main exam so that you don’t have to ask yourself the question- can an average student crack the IIT JEE advanced exam. Smart planning, hard work and your execution of the plan will define your chance of clearing IIT JEE 2021 exam.

Hope you find this tips and tricks helpful!


It totally depends on the student, most of the students choose to join coaching classes to get ready for the JEE advanced test. But on the other hand there are students who have cleared the IIT JEE advanced test by themselves, and not joined any training classes.

Few students are sure about cracking the IIT JEE with any guidance of coaching classes.  Peer pressure plays a very important role here. If the students see their peer hurrying off to coaching, a sentiment of missing out something may crawl up. They don't understand that not every person who ie going to these classes is getting an extraordinary score in the IIT JEE exams.

Everything relies on your ability and hard work. The teachers In the school and coaching classes will always guide you and provide you right resources but at the end it depends on the hardwork you do to achieve your target.  If you're attending classes regularly and studying hard, you can score considerably higher than the best student in some random coaching classes.

The important things to do when you're doing self study for IIT JEE preparation are as follows:

Time management- manage your time properly

  • Regular practice- you should give free online mock tests to assess your preparation
  • solve previous years question papers
  • You should understand the concepts rather then mugging up
  • You should never skip any topic


To be very honest there's no comparison between both of these exams. These are 2 different exams and both belong to different genre of study. Syllabus wide NEET has a hugh syllabus but on the other hand JEE aspirants have to focus more on clearing their concepts. They cannot be measured on the scale of difficulty, it's impossible. Both requires hard work, immense concentration and learning ability.

These are some of the tips that will help you score extremely well in IIT JEE Advanced exam 2021. has come up with NEET courses for the students. We provide live lectures, so that it is easy for the aspirant to learn in more effective way.

What we offer?

  • 100 Quick Revision Videos for every chapter

  • Hundreds of How to solve numerical videos

  • Unlimited practice Tests with SWOT Analysis

  • Randomized questions – no two students get the same question

  • Confidence Based Marking for practice and building confidence

  • All India Mock Tests

  • All India Ranking Prediction

  • Activity Based Learning

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