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NEET Biology Video Lectures


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The Living World

Classification & Types00:00:00
Binomial Nomenclature Part – 100:00:00
Binomial Nomenclature Part – 200:00:00
Botanical Garden00:00:00
Zoological and Biodiversity Park00:00:00

Biological Classification

Plant Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Morphology of Flowering Plants

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Structural Organization in Animals

Cell The Unit of Life


Cell Cycle & Cell Division

Transport in Plants

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Respiration in Plants

Plant Growth and Development

Mineral Nutrition

Digestion and Absorption

Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Body Fluids & Circulation

Excretory Products and Their Elimination

Neural Control and Coordination

Chemical Coordination and Integration

Locomotion & Movement

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Reproduction in Organisms

Human Reproduction

Reproductive Health

Principles of Inheritance and Variations

Molecular Basis of Inheritance


Human Health and Diseases

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Microbes in Human Life and Welfare

Biotechnology Principles and Processes


Biodiversity and Conservation

Biotechnology and Its Applications

Environmental Issues

Organisms and Populations

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  • This course is a 1-year program

Exam Covered:

Medical: NEET


Grades 11 + 12 Biology (NCERT Based)

Medium of Instructions:

English and Hindi


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