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CUET Physics Video Lectures


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Topics for this course

653 Lessons

Units and Measurements

Estimation of Error00:00:00
Resolution of Vector00:00:00
Order of Magnitude00:00:00
Estimation of Error Sum and Difference00:00:00
Estimation of Error Product and Division00:00:00
Estimation of Error Power of Value00:00:00
Significant Figures00:00:00
To Derive a New Relation00:00:00
Dimensions and Dimensional Analysis00:00:00
Use of Dimensions00:00:00
Numericals (Level 1)00:00:00
Numericals (Level 2)00:00:00

Motion in a Plane

Motion in a Straight Line

Laws of Motion

Work Energy & Power

Thermal Properties of Matter

System of Particles and Rotational Motion

Mechanical Properties of Solids & Fluids



Kinetic Theory of Gases

Oscillations & Waves

Electric Charges and Fields

Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance

Current Electricity

Magnetism & Matter

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current & Magnetism

Electromagnetic Induction

Alternating Current

Electromagnetic Waves


Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation

Atoms & Nuclei

Semiconductor : Electronic Materials Devices & Simple Circuits

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  • How to solve numerical videos
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  • This course is a 1-year program

Exam Covered:

Engineering: JEE Main


Grades 11 + 12 Physics (NCERT Based)

Medium of Instructions:

English and Hindi


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