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Maharashtra Board Class 7 Books in – Download Free PDF

Maharashtra board Class 7 books are useful to learn all difficult subjects. Each subject is discussed in a very accessible way. This book not only provides theoretical knowledge but also provide instructive examples and practical challenges, for students to understand the topics in better way. This book is extensive in nature and provides the students with the greatest study resources.

In all Maharashtra board Schools around the state, this Book is utilized. You must have a solid grasp of complicated subjects throughout the preparation of Class 7 Board examinations. If students study and practice the problem carefully using Maharashtra board text book, they can easily answer all 1-mark, 2-mark, and other hard problems.

Download Maharashtra Board Books For Class 7

The text Books for Class 7 may be downloaded from the following table, in PDF format, for mathematics, physics, biodiversity, chemistry, and mathematics in English and Hindi. Access and score high in examinations.

Maharashtra Board Book Class 7 Maths Books

Chapters List :

Chapter 1Indices
Chapter 2Variation
Chapter 3Averages
Chapter 4Properties of Triangles
Chapter 5Theorem of Pythagoras
Chapter 6Construction of Triangles
Chapter 7Equations in One Variable
Chapter 8Product Of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 9Factors of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 10Quadrilaterals
Chapter 11Types of Quadrilaterals
Chapter 12Construction of Quadrilaterals
Chapter 13Rational Numbers
Chapter 14Operations on Rational Numbers
Chapter 15Simple Interest
Chapter 16Profit and Loss
Chapter 17Area
Chapter 18Factors of Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 19Identity
Chapter 20Circle
Chapter 21Congruence
Chapter 22Volume and Surface Area
Chapter 23Joint Bar Graphs

Maharashtra Board Book Class 7 Science Books

Chapters List :

Chapter 1Natural Resources
Chapter 2Water – A Natural Resource
Chapter 3Food and Protection of Food
Chapter 4Properties of Water
Chapter 5Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 6Control and Co-ordination
Chapter 7Health and Disease
Chapter 8Food and Nutrition
Chapter 9Circulation of Blood
Chapter 10Reproduction in Living Things
Chapter 11The Organisation of Living Things
Chapter 12Electric Charge
Chapter 13Sound – Production of Sound
Chapter 14Propagation of Sound
Chapter 15Classification of Substances
Chapter 16Transmission of Heat
Chapter 17Effects of Heat
Chapter 18Propagation of Light

Maharashtra Board Book Class 7 English Book

UNIT – 1
Chapter 1Past, Present, Future
Chapter 2Odd One In
Chapter 3In Time of Silver Rain
Chapter 4The King’s Choice
Chapter 5Seeing Eyes Helping Hands 
Chapter 6A Collage 
UNIT – 2
Chapter 7From a Railway Carriage
Chapter 8The Souvenir
Chapter 9Abdul Becomes a Courtier 
Chapter 10How doth the little busy bee
Chapter 11Learn Yoga from Animals
Chapter 12Chasing the Sea Monster
Chapter 13Great Scientists
UNIT – 3
Chapter 14Tartary
Chapter 15Compere a Programme
Chapter 16A Crow in the House
Chapter 17The Brook
Chapter 18News Analysis
Chapter 19Think Before You Speak!
UNIT – 4
Chapter 20Under the Greenwood Tree
Chapter 21Unke Munke Timpetoo
Chapter 22The Red-Headed League
Chapter 23Home Sweet Home 
Chapter 24Seeing Eyes Helping Hands
Chapter 25Papa Panov’s Special Christmas

Maharashtra Board Book Class 7 History Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1Sources of History.
Chapter 2India before the Times of Shivaji Maharaj
Chapter 3Religious Synthesis
Chapter 4Maharashtra before the Times of Shivaji Maharaj
Chapter 5The Foundation of the Swaraj
Chapter 6Conflict with the Mughals
Chapter 7The Administration of the Swaraj
Chapter 8An Ideal Ruler
Chapter 9The Maratha War of Independence
Chapter 10The Expansion of the Maratha Power
Chapter 11Marathas – The Protectors of the Nation
Chapter 12Progression of the Empire
Chapter 13Life of the People in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Board Book Class 7 Geography Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1How Seasons Occur – Part 1
Chapter 2The Sun, the Moon and the Earth
Chapter 3Tides
Chapter 4Air Pressure
Chapter 5Winds
Chapter 6Natural Regions
Chapter 7Soils
Chapter 8How Seasons Occur – Part 2
Chapter 9Agriculture
Chapter 10Human Settlement
Chapter 11Contour Maps and Landforms

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