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Maharashtra Board Class 11 Books in – Download Free PDF

Maharashtra board Class 11 books are useful to learn all difficult subjects. Each subject is discussed in a very accessible way. This book not only provides theoretical knowledge but also provide instructive examples and practical challenges, for students to understand the topics in better way. This book is extensive in nature and provides the students with the greatest study resources.

In all Maharashtra board Schools around the state, this Book is utilized. You must have a solid grasp of complicated subjects throughout the preparation of Class 11 Board examinations. If students study and practice the problem carefully using Maharashtra board text book, they can easily answer all 1-mark, 2-mark, and other hard problems.

Download Maharashtra Board Books For Class 11

The text Books for Class 11 may be downloaded from the following table, in PDF format, for mathematics, physics, biodiversity, chemistry, and mathematics in English and Hindi. Access and score high in examinations.

Maharashtra Board Book Class 11 Physics Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1Measurements
Chapter 2Scalars and Vectors
Chapter 3Projectile motion
Chapter 4Force
Chapter 5Friction in solids and liquids
Chapter 6Sound Waves
Chapter 7Thermal properties of matter
Chapter 8Refraction of Light
Chapter 9Ray optics
Chapter 10Electrostatics
Chapter 11Current electricity
Chapter 12Magnetic effect of electric current
Chapter 13Magnetism
Chapter 14Electromagnetic waves

Maharashtra Board Book Class 11 Chemistry Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Chapter 2States of matter : Gases and liquids
Chapter 3Structure of atom
Chapter 4Periodic table
Chapter 5Redox reactions
Chapter 6Chemical equilibrium
Chapter 7Surface chemistry
Chapter 8Nature of chemical bond
Chapter 9Hydrogen
Chapter 10s-Block elements (Alkali and alkaline earth metals)
Chapter 11Group 1 and Group 2 elements
Chapter 12p-Block elements Group Introduction to p-Block elements
Chapter 13Group 13 elements
Chapter 14Group 14 elements
Chapter 15Basic principles and techniques in organic chemistry
Chapter 16Alkanes
Chapter 17Alkenes
Chapter 18Alkynes
Chapter 19Aromatic compounds
Chapter 20Environmental chemistry


Maharashtra Board Book Class 11 Maths Book

Download PDF :

Chapters List :

PART – 1
Chapter 1Measurement of Angles
Chapter 2Trigonometric functions
Chapter 3Trigonometric functions of compound angles
Chapter 4Factorization Formulae
Chapter 5Locus
Chapter 6Straight Line
Chapter 7Circle and Conics
Chapter 8Vectors
Chapter 9Linear In equations
Chapter 10Determinants
Chapter 11Matrices
PART – 2
Chapter 1Sets, Relations and Functions
Chapter 2Logarithms
Chapter 3Complex Numbers
Chapter 4Sequences & Series
Chapter 5Permutations & combinations
Chapter 6Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem
Chapter 7Limits
Chapter 8Differentiation
Chapter 9Integration
Chapter 10Statistics
Chapter 11Probability

Maharashtra Board Book Class 11 Biology Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1

Diversity in organisms

Chapter 2Kingdom Plantae
Chapter 3Biology of cell
Chapter 4Cell Division
Chapter 5Morphology of Plants
Chapter 6Plant Water Relations and Mineral Nutrition
Chapter 7Plant Growth and Development
Chapter 8Kingdom Animalia
Chapter 9Organization of Cell
Chapter 10Study of Animal Tissues
Chapter 11Study of Animal Type
Chapter 12Human Nutrition
Chapter 13Human Respiration
Chapter 14Human skeleton and Locomotion

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