Class 10th

Science Olympiad

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This Course Includes

Expected date of exam

SLOT 1 OF ROUND 1: 14th Dec 21

SLOT 2 OF ROUND 1:  25th Jan 22

SLOT 1 OF ROUND 1: 15th Dec 21

SLOT 2 OF ROUND 1:  27th Jan 22

What you'll learn


Chapter 1Acid, Base & Salts
Chapter 2Life’s Internal Secret
Chapter 3How Do Organisms Reproduce?
Chapter 4Wonders of Life
Chapter 5Metals and Non-Metals
Chapter 6Regulators
Chapter 7Electromagnetism
Chapter 8School of Element
Chapter 9Amazing World of Carbon Compound
Chapter 10Mapping of Genes
Chapter 11Our Environment and Management
Chapter 12Logical Reasoning