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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Books in – Download Free PDF

Maharashtra board Class 10 books are useful to learn all difficult subjects. Each subject is discussed in a very accessible way. This book not only provides theoretical knowledge but also provide instructive examples and practical challenges, for students to understand the topics in better way. This book is extensive in nature and provides the students with the greatest study resources.

In all Maharashtra board Schools around the state, this Book is utilized. You must have a solid grasp of complicated subjects throughout the preparation of Class 10 Board examinations. If students study and practice the problem carefully using Maharashtra board text book, they can easily answer all 1-mark, 2-mark, and other hard problems.

Download Maharashtra Board Books For Class 10

The text Books for Class 10 may be downloaded from the following table, in PDF format, for mathematics, physics, biodiversity, chemistry, and mathematics in English and Hindi. Access and score high in examinations.

Maharashtra Board Book Class 10 Maths Books

Download PDF :

Chapters List :

PART – 1
Chapter 1     Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapter 2     Quadratic Equations
Chapter 3     Arithmetic Progression
Chapter 4     Financial Planning    
Chapter 5     Probability
Chapter 6     Statistics
PART – 2
Chapter 7     Similarity
Chapter 8     Pythagoras Theorem                
Chapter 9     Circle
Chapter 10     Geometric Constructions
Chapter 11     Co-ordinate Geometry
Chapter 12     Trigonometry
Chapter 13     Mensuration

Maharashtra Board Book Class 10 Science Books

Download PDF :

Chapters List :

PART – 1
Chapter 1Gravitation
Chapter 2Periodic Classification Of Element
Chapter 3Chemical Reactions And Equations
Chapter 4Effects Of Electric Current
Chapter 5Heat
Chapter 6Refraction Of Light
Chapter 7Lenses
Chapter 8Metallugy
Chapter 9Carbon Compounds
Chapter 10Space Missions
PART  – 2
Chapter 13     Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 14     Life Processes in living Organisms -1
Chapter 15     Life Processes in living Organisms -2 
Chapter 16     Environmental management
Chapter 17     Towards Green Energy               
Chapter 18     Animal Classification
Chapter 19     Introduction to Microbiology
Chapter 20     Cell Biology and Biotechnology
Chapter 21     Social health
Chapter 22  Disaster Management

Maharashtra Board Book Class 10 English Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1Where the mind is without Fear
Chapter 2The Thief’s Story
Chapter 3On Wings of Courage
Chapter 4All theWorld’s Stage
Chapter 5Joan of Arc
Chapter 6The Alchemy of Nature
Chapter 7Animals
Chapter 8Three Questions
Chapter 9Connecting the Dots
Chapter 10The Pulley
Chapter 11Let’s March
Chapter 12Science and Spirituality
Chapter 13Night of the Scorpion
Chapter 14The Night I Met Einstein
Chapter 15Stephen Hawking
Chapter 16The will to win
Chapter 17Unbeatable Super Mom-Mary Kom
Chapter 18The Concert
Chapter 19A thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever
Chapter 20The Luncheon
Chapter 21World Hertiage
Chapter 22The Height of the Ridiculous
Chapter 23The old Man and The Sea: Book Review
Chapter 24The Gift of Magi

Maharashtra Board Book Class 10 History & Political Science Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1     Historiography: Development in the west
Chapter 2     Historiography: Indian Tradition
Chapter 3     Applied History
Chapter 4     History of Indian Arts
Chapter 5     Mass Media and History
Chapter 6     Entertainment and History
Chapter 7     Sports and History
Chapter 8     Tourism and History
Chapter 9     Heritage Management

Political Science Chapters List :

Chapter 1     Working of the constitution 
Chapter 2     The Elctoral Process
Chapter 3     Political Parties
Chapter 4     Social and Political Movements
Chapter 5     Challenges faced by Indian Democracy

Maharashtra Board Book Class 10 Geography Book

Chapters List :

Chapter 1     Field Visit
Chapter 2     Location and Extent
Chapter 3     Physiography and Drainage
Chapter 4     Climate
Chapter 5     Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 6     Population
Chapter 7     Human Settlements
Chapter 8     Economy and Occupations
Chapter 9     Tourism, Transport and Communication

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